"Blossom"  Rozebottel's Gold Poppy

Unico Della Taparino x Rozebottel's Grappa



Blossom - our wonderful foundation bitch​.  An import from the Netherlands, She is our first Lagotto Romagnolo and adored by all who meet her. She is a beautiful, balanced, happy girl with a rock-solid temperament.  A wonderful mother... she has given us 4 beautiful pups,

Link to Health Testing Stats for Blossom:

DOB: 03-31-2017
AKC Reg # SS01886701

CHIC # 139160
OFA Hips: RWD-327G24F-VPI - Rating GOOD


OFA Patella: RWD-PA143/13F/P-VPI - NORMAL
Eye Exam:  RWD-EYE183/25F-VPI - NORMAL
Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy: RWD-BJE135/24F-PI - CLEAR

Lagotto Storage Disease: RWD-LSD133/24F-PI - CLEAR

Degenerative Myelopathy: RWD-DM11/24F-PI - CLEAR

Hyperuricosuria: RWD-HU66/24F-PI - CLEAR